Monday Motivation: Grey’s Anatomy + Sponges

September 12, 2016

Motivation is like a shower; you have to have it every day! This goes for practically ANYTHING you’re doing. You need to cook dinner? I know (I KNOW) that new episode of Grey’s is seriously more interesting than boiling water or cutting up vegetables. You need to work out? Your bed with freshly washed, smelly-good sheets and blankets turns you on A LOT more than a treadmill or weights do right now. You have this AMAZING idea for a new blog post but you just started watching Orange Is The New Black and your hand REFUSES to press pause (why does everything keep going back to Netflix?!).. SO, here are the top three things to get me going:


Weird, right? You’d think that Pinterest was one of those things that would be keeping me from doing what I need to be doing but it’s actually the number ONE thing that gets me going! I mainly use this as my source of motivation for working out but it has helped me across the board. When I’m not wanting to do what I should be doing, I get on there and search related pins. Seeing the sweaty athlete or super inspirational quote motivates me to get my butt moving. Pinterest is a part of my daily routine. Before a workout (since this is my main reason for using Pinterest as motivation), I will pin 5 pins that motivate me. I have a board designated for each type of pin so that is where I will pin them. I would do the same if I wanted to get pumped up about room décor or literally ANYTHING else. Pinterest is amazing! 

#2. Personal Development

I absolutely LOVE personal development! It comes in any and all forms. My favorite ways to get my personal development in are through books and podcasts. Podcasts make it so easy! I feel like I’m constantly busy (I’m sure ya’ll can relate) and can’t always sit down with a good book so when my schedule fills up, I love listening to a podcast while I drive! There are so many different podcasts out there to listen to, you just have to find the one that fits you! When I do have the option to sit down with a good book, I almost always reach for a personal development book. I actually have a mild addiction to buying more self-help books than I could ever physically read… no shame.There is nearly an unlimited supply out there in this world so do some research and find what you love! There’s usually a dollar ben in Walmart full of these types of books they don’t break the bank either!! Personal development does so much for me but my favorite take-away is the motivation to be better!  You can go to Itunes and search any categories under podcast to find one that fits you.

#3. Be a sponge

I know it’s hard to believe that theres actually more to learn about being a photographer than what you already know! We would all like to think we have it down pat but the truth is, there is ALWAYS room for more learning. Taking the initiative to learn something new for my business gets me FIRED. UP.  Here’s the thing guys- there are so many people out there who have done the work and put in the hours to becoming a great photographer. So many of them LOVE educating new photographers on the key things they have learned along the way. That first-hand education is so valuable!!! I often times find this source of education through blogs/social media of other photographers or business owners. Aside from social media and other online sources, I have attended a number of conferences with those people and i’ve never felt so content with being a sponge (aka absorbing all the knowledge! ;] ) Be confident with what you know, but always be willing to learn from others. Not only does it cultivate COMMUNITY but it also helps you build a solid business from those who came before you! With that being said, make it a goal to learn something knew about your craft or business every single day. 

Motivation doesn’t always come naturally… not for me anyway, so I have done a number of things to create that motivation and to keep it going. These three things are the best things that I can offer to someone else! Give them a try and see how it works! Since we are ALL different, what works for me won’t necessarily work for you BUT I hope you will find what works for you through trial and error. Cheers to the that! And if you read all the way to the end, I love you. <3



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