Charlie turns SEVEN | A year in review

September 16, 2016

Today Charlie turns SEVEN! As i’m sure many of you know, Charlie is Mike’s nephew. My life has been blessed with this little boy for a little over a year now.

The first photo we ever took together was on Char’s 6th birthday! He was still a kinder-kid and somewhat shy towards me since I was a stranger after all. A year later is the second photo you see with Charlie and his 3 brothers: Braylon, Uriah, and Landon. 

I wanted to make a celebratory blogpost for a few reasons.. The first being that I hope one day Charlie can look back on these photos and re-live his childhood memories. Another part of me wants to cherish these sweet moments forever so I’m storing them in a safe place that I can come back to year after year. 

This little boy has a heart of gold.. He is always doing for others and is affectionate as can be. He loves to smile and will do anything to make people laugh. He is quite silly and makes funny faces at least 300 times daily (as you can see from the photos below 😉 His favorite things are playing Minecraft on his Ipad, watching Ice Age movies, and hanging with his uncle Mike. He loves Dominos cheesy bread and riding his bike around our neighborhood. He just started the first grade and let’s me help him with homework happily. He prefers showers not baths (because he’s a grown man, duh!) and is also paranoid he will swallow toothpaste and die if he doesn’t wash his mouth out 394950 times. Charlie tells me he wants to be a police officer when he grows up so he can protect people. He loves playing baseball and football and any other sport he can. He loves wrestling with his uncle Mike and brothers. He loves to swim and jump and go under water like a dolphin, too. We went to Amish country once and we couldn’t drag him away from cheese samples. Charlie also knows how to count to ten in Spanish and carve an awesome pumpkin (even though he was reluctant at first because the pumpkin guts “feel funny.”) 

One day I asked Charlie if he misses his brother Braylon while he’s at school (since they are inseparable otherwise.) He told me that he wished they were in the same grade and that he was hoping Braylon would get held back so they could be in the same class together. (This kid seriously melts my heart, guys.) 

Besides all of these adorable things I told you about this little guy, we have so much fun together and I feel so lucky to be called his “Aunt Paige.” He is the most loving, caring, and giving little boy i’ve ever met. I don’t know the ingredients or recipe that goes into creating a person’s soul but when God made Charlie, he sprinkled in a lot of the “good stuff.” I hope when Charlie is big he can look back on this post and get to know a little snippet of his six year old self.

For now, cheers to S E V E N, Char. <3


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