April 27, 2016

Jordan + Dillon Married // Lore City, Ohio 

Jordan and Dillon fell in love between English and Algebra in the crowded halls of their high school. They spent any moment they possibly could together. I look at Jordan + Dillon’s relationship and marriage and it amazes me the way these two are doing life together. They started dating before they left high school, when they were still growing and learning and yet they have grown together in those ways that we all do- through our stages into “big-kid-life.” Our generation is encouraged to WAIT for marriage. Until you’ve graduated college, or you’re 25, or whatever stereotypes people expect us to adhere to.. but Jordan and Dillon are living proof of the type of love that grows.. and forgives… and thrives. They met young and so they have the chance to spend these trial years of adulthood together – leaning on one another. They are wise beyond their years and I can’t wait to see how beautiful their marriage will be in 5, 10, 50 years. 

I hope you enjoy the photos of their gorgeous, backyard barn wedding! 


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