September 16, 2015

Natalie Mathers // 2016 Senior

I first met Natalie when I was in 3rd grade and her grandparents lived next door to me. We played “cowboys and indians” (including her older brother, Nathan) on countless occasions. Fast-forward a few years.. Throughout middle/high school, Natalie’s brother and I participated in band together. Once we started Marching Band in 8th grade, everyone became close friends, and started spending time together outside of school/band. The Mathers family was considered a huge part of my ‘band’ family.

Though she was a few years younger than me, Natalie and I quickly became friends. We spent many weekends together at bonfires, band events, and square dances (THEY ARE SO MUCH FUN!) I remember one Saturday in particular that a group of friends went to the Mathers’ home and played rock band/ate tons of good food until wee hours of the morning. They had a piano in their house and showed us all the neat things they had learned from their grandmother (who makes a MEAN hickory-nut pie may I add). I also remember going to church with Natalie and spending the day on her family farm.

I’m so happy to know Nat and her wonderful family. They’ve been such a blessing to me over the years. Though I’m kinda’ in denial that she’s a senior (I feel old), here are a few photos from her session to enjoy <3


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