The Inspired Story | Dallas, Texas

August 8, 2016

If you’re constantly saying “yes” to a bunch of GOOD things, you can never say “yes” to one GREAT thing.

— Johanna Burleson

In 2014 I found a Texas photographer through social media named Mia Coelho and I absolutely LOVED her work. I was inspired and loved the way she captured people in a beautiful way. I messaged her on Facebook and expressed my sincere adoration and explained to her that I was a young business owner, college student, and had high hopes to (god-willing) meet her and even be mentored by her sometime in the future. She responded to my message and told me how grateful she was that God had blessed her business and that she hoped someday He would allow our paths to cross.

Yesterday, I left a beautiful hotel in Dallas Texas where I learned, connected, and prayed with a number of AMAZING photographers including Mia.. After three days of genuine support and love… leaving 50+ new friends behind.

Here’s the thing friends….

God is good.

Two years ago I was a 19 year old with a camera and a passion to make a business that would thrive yet no finances or idea how to do it. Never in my wildest dreams did I ACTUALLY think I would end up in Dallas Texas just two years later with a steady business and the means to grow with these wonderful sisters by my side.

The point is this… wherever you are in your business, calling, or passion… if you run hard with a pure heart, God will meet you there. Focus on saying YES to the things that matter and stay patient because there are far better things ahead than you could ever imagine! The hard part is waiting. 

I want you to know that a few years ago I was that girl shooting with a canon rebel and not a clue how ‘Manual’ even worked. I didn’t know what lightroom was and was super proud of my free website that has at the end of it… but my heart was set on taking photos and so that’s what I kept doing. Along the way I’ve learned so much but the greatest of them all is that sometimes you have to trust God and how he will work things in your business and life. Listen to the subtle nudges and ONLY say yes when you know something really GREAT is in store. 

I’m cheering for you.


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