October 26, 2015

Amie + Shawn // Caldwell, OH

I’m not even sure where to begin.. There is so much I want to share about these two! I first met Amie in 2007… My best friend, Kylie always talked about her step-sister Amie. I remember Kylie telling me that Amie was a few years older than us and that she worked at Aunt Gerties ice cream shop on Seneca Lake. That summer, I was invited to a birthday party on the lake. A group of kids walked to the ice cream shop and Amie happened to be working. I immediately recognized her from photos and said “Hi, I’m Paige.. You don’t know me but your sister-Kylie.. is my friend” (I know i’m super great with awkward greetings ;). Over the years, I spent many nights having sleepovers at their house. Amie and I never grew to be super close, but I always thought she was the cool, older sister that I never had. 

Earlier this year, Amie and Shawn contacted me about doing their Wedding photos. We met in a cute little coffee shop and hit it off immediately. There wasn’t a moment of silence! We discussed their ideas and how we could bring them to life. I had never met Shawn, so it was an opportunity for me to get to know him and see how they interacted as a couple. He was such a gentleman. It was so obvious how perfectly they complimented one other. <3

Like planned, we met in the fall for engagement photos on Shawn’s family farm in Caldwell. The beginning of our session was spent dodging cows (The cows didn’t sign a waiver but I photographed them anyways.. 🙂 and I’m not just talking 5 or 6 cows.. I’m talking like 109 cows! They were huge babies and so stinkin’ cute (pun intended). They appreciated my bad jokes and didn’t hate me for making them smile until their faces hurt (although Shawn may hate me a tiny bit for making him do a serious/model face!) We ended our time together at the very top of a GIANT hill overlooking the entire Michel homestead. As it began to get dark, we caught some romantic moments with the setting sun as our backdrop. 

Amie and Shawn are truly my dream couple. Not only are they super photogenic together, These two love and appreciate my work. It’s client/friend’s like them that make me love what I do. My heart is so full and I am over-the-moon excited to shoot their wedding. I hope you enjoy the photos that tell their love story. <3


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