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October 13, 2016

This world can be a pretty hectic place so it’s always nice to find a way to slow everything down and live in the moment. Can I get an “amen”?! Every year, a few weeks before the new year begins, we all start brainstorming what our “new year’s resolution” is going to be. (If I said that mine doesn’t always revolve around procrastination and battling my introvert feelings, I’d be lying.) However, resolutions rarely work because they tend to focus on who we REGRET being, rather than focusing on who we will STRIVE to be. I’m a very positive person and, even with that being said, I have always focused on a resolution. I came across the My One Word campaign and fell in love. It aligns with my personality and beliefs so much more than a new year’s resolution does. It is exactly what it sounds like: one word. You pick one word that you feel strongly about that has the potential to change your life. Isn’t it amazing?!

Picking one word to live by for a year isn’t a piece of cake. I seriously took weeks to come up with the perfect word. I finally reached the word “grace” and I can’t be any happier that I did. 

My one word has saved me this year. I was so focused on perfection which affected me in a number of ways. You can’t be practical and focus on perfection, it’s almost impossible (but follow your dreams, girl). After focusing on grace, I have spent less time behind my computer. For me being a photographer who runs a business you’re probably thinking “WHAAAAA? There’s no way you can do that and still be successful” but, my friends, BECAUSE I did this, I have been successful. My stress has lowered tremendously. I am able to spend more quality time with my family and friends. Due to this, when I get behind my computer, I am more focused and able to see clearer. I have focused on grace and, in turn, have reached a more healthy business and life. 

I know how easy it can be to laser focus on the finish line. For the past two years straight all I could think about was hustling hustling hustling to be successful. The truth is that there is no end result, there’s just a crazy journey that’s worth taking detours on and enjoying the sweet moments. So if you’re exhausted and feel like you’re running on zero, here’s my advice for you. Take a weekend off. Set those business hours and stick to them. Don’t reply to emails in the middle of the night. And yes, it’s OKAY to eat ice cream after 10pm. Spend more time focusing on your family and when you do, give them your full undivided attention.. you’ll be glad you did. 

ps: you can go to to join in on this incredibly fun movement!


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