A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats | A Post For the Lonely Creative

July 27, 2016

If you follow me on any form of Social Media, I’m sure you’ve seen me use the term “Rising Tide Society” or “Tuesdays Together.” Some of you are probably thinking WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?! This post is for you!!!

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, chances are, you get lonely sometimes. Owning and running your OWN small business is so amazing in so many ways but there IS something that it lacks – PEOPLE! In a traditional 9 to 5 job, you create multiple connections and even head out some nights for drinks with your coworkers. You usually talk about how you either LOVE or DISPISE your job, the news, your personal life, etc. When you’re doing your own thing or starting a new business, you don’t always have these promised connections. You don’t have someone to talk to about how much you ABSOLUTELY LOVE what you’re doing with your life but also the struggles that come with it. You can’t bounce ideas off of the person next to you because, well, there isn’t always a person next to you!

You might think the woman down the street is your competition and you definitely DON’T want to give your secrets away to her … right? Wait. You kinda sorta wish that you could be her best friend because you know that between the two of you, you could both come up with some really amazing ideas. She doesn’t have to be your competition … right? She could be your friend. She could be someone to work with while working by yourself. Isn’t that kind of how friendships work? Competition is good for a number of reasons but not everything has to be a competition. What if we re-wrote the norm? Insert these four really cool people-  Natalie, Huey, Krista, and Davey!

The Rising Tide Society is rooted from a simple concept.. #communityovercompetition. It explains itself! The founders challenged creative entrepreneurs to post about someone in their industry who inspired them. A few posts quickly turned into THOUSANDS. Once these guys saw the way a simple hashtag brought people together, they began hosting gatherings in multiple cities. From there, Tuesdays Together was born! For these events, creative entrepreneurs are encouraged to come together and talk about life AND business.  These meetings are a safe place for creatives to share their hopes and dreams, successes and failures. I also can’t leave out how these events lead to meaningful connections and networking opportunities within your industry.

Does this sound amazing to you? Well here comes the GOOD NEWS! I am now hosting Tuesday Together meetings for Zanesville/Cambridge and surrounding areas! If you’re in dire need of genuine connections in your life or business, PLEASE join us next month! Here is a link to our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/776782889121527/

(IF you’re not local, visit http://www.risingtidesociety.com/join/ to see if there is an event being hosted in your area!) You can also Head on over to http://www.risingtidesociety.com to check out more!

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